Welcome to UAVFLY – Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Drone Photography

The very latest technology in drone photography.

We will cover large sites, rapidly
Reduce surveying costs
Access difficult sites
Provide accurate high-resolution imagery
Reduction in H&S incidents

Benefits of Using Uavfly Surveys

We use the very latest technology to enable you to work smarter. Aerial drone footage is only one small element of our service, when aligned with 3D
interactive scans, uavfly are able to give you a complete overview of any building, work site or estate.

Get real-time data enabling smarter work decisions to be made. We keep everything fully compliant with the rapidly changing laws around UAV flight in the UK. All our pilots are Civil Aviation Authority registered and regulated, Insured, and fully qualified to GVC standards, and will obtain all relevant permissions before undertaking any flights. We use pre-planned flight paths and up to 300X Zoom cameras for detailed imagery that helps you to work smarter and much more efficiently.

Our Equipment

Our Equipment roster boasts an array of Drones including our flagship Dual safety battery DJI Matrice M300 rtk and M210 V2 rtk drones, each with a range of payloads including:
Zenmuse z30 300x zoom camera, for high quality detailed images from any distance.
Zenmuse x5s 4k camera for fast moving smooth footage.
Zenmuse x4s 4k camera for digital ground surveys
Zenmuse H20T combined rgb wide, rgb zoom, laser range finder and high resolution thermal camera, for solar inspection, hvac and all multispectral work.


Construction Drone Surveys

Uavfly Drone Site Surveys use the latest technology to offer construction professionals alternative visual options, enabling you to work smarter. Drones offer safer alternatives to external work and working at height. We have a drone for every task, whether you require highly accurate digital measurements, thermal investigations and thermography, site progress monitoring or just high quality imagery, we can deliver.

Using the latest Pix4d photogrammetry software aligned with our own dedicated RTK base stations, enables us to acquire huge amounts of accurate data to be extrapolated out of the images taken.


UAVFLY Thermal Drone Surveys

Uavfly are specialist thermal survey contractors. We have coupled the very latest in thermal technology cameras, to the safest drones around, combined with a national pilot network to give unparalleled service to our customer base. Our service includes data collection, post processing, and AI analysis to produce 98% accurate reports on your solar assets.